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Moshe Halfon: Listen to the music

Angels of Blessing

(Moshe Halfon)
July, 2001
Lyrics: Moshe, Music: Brahms

This "lullaby" came to me during a difficult period in my own life.  I use and recommend it for concluding prayers, for calming and centering before rest or sleep, or before a journey.  Children (and our inner child) naturally respond to the familiar melody.  With William's  arrangement, I imagine angels serenading us to sleep as they stand around the piano.    
Moshe Halfon, vocals; William Ashford, piano, Johannes Brahms, melody.   
Lyrics, arrangement ©Moshe Halfon, 2001.

As we heal, all around
Gather Beings of Light
On our right stands Michael,
On our left is Gavriel
    Straight ahead Uriel
    And behind Raphael
    All around Shekhinah
    Who loves us as well.
As we pray, guard our souls,
Loving angels of blessing
Michael, hold our hands
Gavriel give us strength
    Uriel, light our path
    Raphael, heal our souls
    Shekhinah, up above        
          Shelter us with your love.