Reb Moshe has a shaman's touch in leading groups through transformation, celebrations to insight and ecstasy, and musical events to exuberance and delight.”

— Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

On behalf of the City of Irvine and our entire City Council, I commend and thank you for your participation in the Fifth Annual Irvine Global Village Festival.”

— Beth Krom, Mayor, Irvine, CA

Dear Rabbi Halfon, On behalf of Temple Beth David, we want to thank you so much for participating in our very first Synaplex Shabbat. We are so grateful that you were able to create a very unique Shabbat prayer service and bring true Shabbat joy and spirit to TBD. Your presence definitely was a huge boost to our program. With warm regards,”

— Melanie Alcove & Elliot Fein, Westminster, CA

Moshe Halfon is a master of Middle Eastern rhythms and dances...It's dancing even a 'klutz' can love.”

— Miami Jewish Journal

I want you to know how special I think you are...John so enjoyed your visits and so did I. You have a wonderful warm heart, and I will always remember your kindness and your caring. God bless you, Lois”

— wife of deceased Alzeimer's hospice patient

I sought your help initially following a medical emergency...You listened while I explained what was bothering me. You understood my pain...we uncovered grief that I had been carrying around for 30 years...I had never been able to grieve before...Thank you for helping me clean the 'shmootz' out of my soul; you've made such a huge difference in my life, and my whole family is reaping the benefits of it...God bless you...” - Saralee B., Reiki healing client, Irvine, CA
You have been the initiator and foundation of my spiritual life. Until now, I thought that that was part of me that I would never have.” - Larry H., Kabbalah class participant
Your Kabbalah class enabled me to integrate several belief systems I had held into...[and] to remove my painting block. My health improved greatly as I was meditating and practicing positive thinking.”” - Miriam G.
It all started the day I began taking your course, going to your services and having conversations with were meant to fulfill the role of being my teacher.” - Eva B., Storrs, CT
In your Men's Workshop at the Aleph Kallah, I felt challenged by the issues, enlightened by the insights, and nurtured by the love.”

— Rabbi Philip Labowitz, Davie, FL

I loved the chats, chants, meditations and role plays. Go with the power of knowing you were a great inspiration for our adult Torah class.”

— J. Engel, Rodef Shalom, San Rafael, CA