From the recording Let The Healing Begin

The call to begin our healing journey can come when we realize the need to realign with God.   Reb Aryeh's chant includes Moses' prayer to heal Miriam (Num. 12:13), and invokes both Shekhinah, the Immanent Divine Feminine, and Eheyeh, the Name revealed to Moses at the Burning Bush (Ex. 13:14), which means "I will be," but is rendered "I am that I am."   In healing we seek contact with the "I Am/Will Be" of the Universe, and need to balance our Feminine Energies.  This recording reflects how this song's lyrics can change with each encounter, and the mood can range from gentle to impassioned pleading.   Sometimes we must "open our hearts" for healing to begin.      Moshe Halfon, guitars and vocals, William Ashford, cello and clarinet samples.   Words and music  by Rabbi Aryeh Hirshfield (may his memory be a blessing) on his recording "Let the Healing Begin."    


From deep within the home of my soulNow let the healing, let the healing begin Heal our bodies, open our hearts,Awaken our minds, Eheyeh....ShekhinahAna El Na R'fah Na La